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Team Up DC Youth Sports Network

Powered by DC Trust, Team Up DC Youth Sports Network (Team Up DC) improves the quality of youth sports programs and leverages sports participation - which is correlated with reductions in obesity, dropout rates, gang involvement and youth violence - as a youth development tool to create positive academic, health and life outcomes for DC's youth. 

​Our vision is that each youth will have access to high quality youth sports programs that provide opportunities to develop their academic, career, personal, social and athletic skills. Our goal is for youth to use the lessons learned through sports in their growth into healthy and thriving adults. 


Participation in youth sports is correlated with reductions in obesity, dropout rates, gang involvement and youth violence.  TUDC uses sports as a hook to help address these critical needs.

TUDC will:

  • ​ENSURE high quality sports programs and activities exist for all youth
  • ENHANCE the skills of coaches and volunteers through training as coaches, role models and mentors
  • INCORPORATE youth development principles into all youth sports programs
  • INFUSE nationally recognized standards into youth sports leagues to increase quality and safety
  • PROMOTE health, nutrition and fitness for youth, families and communities



The main activities of TUDC include:

  • Training/workshops for coaches, league administrators, volunteers, officials and  athletic trainers.
  • Resources for youth sports programs (discounted equipment, uniforms, facilities, funding, etc.)
  • Regular network meetings for TUDC members and special events to raise awareness.

For more information about the Team Up DC Youth Sports Network visit: