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Register TODAY for the Inaugural D.C. Corporate Sports Games Saturday, May 31, 2014

Preparations are now in full swing for the inaugural D.C. Corporate Sports Games, a day-long, Olympic style competition for area companies, organizations and groups designed to crown an overall event champion while also benefitting Team Up D.C., an initiative of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust dedicated to improving the quality of youth sports programs in the District.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 31, from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on the athletic fields of Spingarn H.S. The day begins with an Olympic-style procession and ends with an Awards Ceremony and party.

Registration is now open.

It costs only $1,000 to enter your organization and you can field a team of at least 10 individuals who will participate in track events, field events, obstacle course, executive golf (a putting contest) and a tug-of-war. Along the way you'll foster camaraderie and build "esprit de corps" within your organization as executives and staff compete side-by-side toward a common goal.

Play! Win! Brag! And support the mission of Team Up D.C.

.Track events to combine skill, luck and fun at D.C. Corporate Sports Games

When the D.C. Corporate Sports Games roar to life on Saturday, May 31 for the benefit of Team Up D.C., participants will need just a little talent combined with plain old fashioned luck to earn maximum points from the nine separate events that will comprise the track portion of the competition.

Sure, the Men's and Women's 60 Meter Dash and the 240-Yard Shuttle Relay will be contests of pure speed and ability but when it comes to the fun-oriented events, technique and good fortune could well be the difference between scoring points and coming away empty.

Take the Waiter Relay, for example, where competitors must traverse the 60-meter course while deftly balancing a filled champagne class on a serving tray ... or the Flipper Relay, where participants must cover the course with diving fins affixed to their feet ... or the ever-popular D.C. Sports Relay, where runners must don Wizards shorts, a Capitals jersey and a Nationals hat while lugging a Redskins football from one end of the track to the other, before exchanging the entire outfit with a teammate.

One spilled glass, one misstep or a costly fumble could prove lethal.

But at the end of the day, it's all about good natured fun, camaraderie, team building and competition as the Inaugural D.C. Corporate Sports Games raises money and awareness for Team Up D.C., an initiative of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust (CYITC) dedicated to improving the quality of youth sports programs in the District.

"The day will certainly be competitive, but we expect companies and organizations to gain their greatest benefits from the overall spirit of the Games," says Ed Davies, executive director of CYITC. "Events such as these build trust while encouraging teamwork and cooperation ... qualities that certainly transfer extremely well into the workplace."

Registration for the event, which takes place on the Spingarn High School athletic fields in downtown D.C., is now open.

Executive Golf to Kick Off Morning Activities at D.C. Corporate Sports Games
What’s a corporate sports competition without what legendary author Mark Twain termed “a good walk spoiled?” Well, when the D.C. Corporate Sports Games gets underway at Spingarn High School in downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 31 for the benefit of Team Up D.C., company executives (at the Director Level or higher) will launch the competition with a putting contest at adjacent Langston Golf Course.  Each individual will have 10 opportunities to sink their shots from predetermined marks to give their teams the first competition points of the day. “Business and golf go hand-in-hand, so what better way to kick off our event than with a round of executive golf?” asks Ed Davies, Executive Director of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust (CYITC), the prime beneficiary of the event.  “With so many major professional tournaments, public and private courses and country clubs here in the National Capital area, we wanted to find a way to incorporate that element into our competition.” Scheduled to run from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., the DC Corporate Sports Games will take the form of an Olympic style competition involving 17 serious and fun athletic activities ranging from track events and sack races to field goal kicking and tug of war. Each team consists of a minimum of 10 competitors, equally split between men and women. The event kicks off with a procession of teams into the stadium and concludes with an awards ceremony where the best team wins a trophy and earns bragging rights … until next year. 

Field events to hone sport-specific skills at D.C. Corporate Sports Games

​Have you ever wanted to kick a field goal?   Navigate a hockey obstacle course before burying a wrist shot?  Or nail as many jumpers as you can within 30 seconds?

 Thanks to the D.C. Corporate Sports Games,  which takes place Saturday, May 31 from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at Spingarn High in downtown D.C., now you can. After the morning track-and-field session and obstacle course relay, individual sports stations will come alive on the athletic field’s synthetic turf.  Six sport-specific stations will challenge the skills and talents of individual participants in football, soccer, basketball, hockey and whiffle ball through the following events:  ·         Basketball Hotshot: One man and one woman will see how many shots they can make out of ten with a 30 second time limit. ·         Hockey Obstacle Shootout: Two players from each team, one man and one woman, will each negotiate an obstacle course before shooting a street hockey ball into an empty net. ·         Football Throw: One man and one woman from each team will see how many footballs they can toss through a target out of ten throws with a 30 second time limit. ·         Field Goal Kick: One participant from each team will see how many field goals they can convert from 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35 yards out in a 30 second time period. ·         Soccer Kick-it: One man and one woman will each take ten shots to see who scores the most goals from various angles and distances in a 30 second time limit. ·         Baseball Smash: One woman and one man will each hit three whiffle balls off a tee for distance, Each event will be worth competition points.  When added to the others, final team scores will produce an overall champion.

Tug-Of-War to Likely Determine Champion in D.C. Corporate Sports Games Competition

In the end, it will all potentially come down to the Tug Of War.After five hours of running, skipping, jumping, crawling, shooting, kicking, waddling, throwing and batting, it will more than likely be a classic 7-on-7 competition … the ultimate test of strength versus strength that could well determine the champion of the inaugural D.C. Corporate Sports Games.On Saturday, May 31 more than a dozen companies and organizations will field teams comprised of their staffs and associates at the Spingarn High School athletic fields in downtown Washington, D.C.    

In the morning, the teams will compete in a combination of fun and serious track events followed by an obstacle course run.  After lunch, teams will divide for competitions at six different field stations; after which they will be seeded onto a draw sheet by points to ensure that the two top teams don’t potentially meet until the final round.And then the fun truly begins.“Tug Of War is a classic staple of multi-sport competitions, dating as far back as the 1900 Olympic Games,” said DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation’s Executive Director, Ed Davies.  “While this competition was really made famous in the 70s and 80s as part of the Battle of the Network Stars, the competition can be found everywhere from summer camp color war and family picnics all the way up to international competitions.”Seven participants from each team are required, two of whom must be female.  Both teams will gather alongside a rope and grab hold.  Once secured, a bandana will be tied around the center spot and the whistle will sound.  Both teams will tug until one team pulls the bandana past a five yard marker.  Winning teams continue to advance through the draw until two finalists remain.“As a team competition, the tug of war is worth 30 points for a first place finish, so in a close competition, the Tug can often determine the champion,” Davies said.And the best news about the Tug Of War?  As soon as it’s done, the Awards ceremony – and the post-event celebration – begins.Registration is now open.  

Fed Bid Captures Championship in Inaugural D.C. Corporate Sports Games For Benefit of Team Up DC, a Division of D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation

Despite falling to the host team, Team Up DC - a division of D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, in the semifinals of the Tug of War, FedBid, a fully managed online marketplace for government and commercial sales, emerged victorious during the inaugural D.C. Corporate Sports Games, which took place this past Saturday, May 31, at the Spingarn High Athletic Fields in Northeast Washington, D.C.

By capturing four first place finishes among the 18 competitive events, Fed Bid edged out Team Up DC by a score of 140-128. Representatives from the Sport & Health Clubs finished third with the World Police & Fire Games front office staff ending up fourth. Modell’s Sporting Goods, Tax Firm WTAS and Safeway Stores rounded out the competition field.

A half-day event contested on a brilliant sunny day under generally cool and comfortable conditions, the 2014 DC Corporate Sports Games consisted of events that tested the athleticism of all its participants, along with some rather unusual skills. The flipper relay, for example, required athletes to wear swimming flippers then run 60 meters before exchanging their accoutrements with teammates. Similar events – including the waiter relay, the noodle relay and the hippity hop relay – served as the sources of laughter and stories-to-be-exchanged around the water cooler while building competitive bonds within individual teams and among competitors.

“This was a spectacular way to launch what we know will become a major, ongoing annual event,” said D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation’s (CYITC) Executive Director, Ed Davies. “All the teams that participated enjoyed a great day of competition and camaraderie, and learned first-hand why events such as these are valuable ways to build corporate bonds.
We can’t wait to do it again, next year!”

The day opened with a round of executive golf at Langston Golf Course, captured by Fed Bid. After the opening ceremonies and an Olympic-style procession, Sport & Health dominated the track events, earning first place in the 240-meter relay, the waiter relay, the hippity hop and the Washington Sports relay (where competitors had to exchange a Capitals jersey, Wizards shorts, a Nationals cap and a Redskins football) while taking second in three other events. FedBid captured the Obstacle Course while Sport & Health took first place in four of the six field events. Team Up DC, meanwhile, scored consistently enough all day long to “hang around” the leaders such that their triumph in the event finale, the Tug of War, was sufficient enough to leapfrog the company over World Police and Fire Games and Sport & Health into a second place finish.

The festivities ended with an awards ceremonies, with medals presented to first, second and third place finishers in each event.

Proceeds from the event benefit Team Up DC., a division of CYITC, dedicated to improving the quality of youth sports programs in the District, thereby increasing the opportunities for positive outcomes for over 40,000 participating youth